Extension Project #6: Be an Engineer

For my extension project I built this structure:

My structure’s measurements are 4 feet and 4 inches tall, 19 inches wide, and 13 inches deep.

The materials I used was cardboard boxes and tubes, plastic containers, an old computer fan, and lots of packing tape.

What I am pointing to is my favorite detail. It is made of the old computer fan and a Klondike box. (Click to zoom in.)

And this is the rooftop with a chimney made of a toilet paper tube.

My structure is pretty heavy that’s why I need my sister’s help to move it.

This is what my structure looks like. I hope you like it and thanks for reading about this. You can see my sister’s extension project when she was in second grade on her website too.

Extension Project #5: Make A Map

This is a map of some of my brain:


Click to zoom in!

If you zoom in you’ll see some stuff that I think of, like my favorite video game, how crazy I am at home, some imaginary friends, and finally how I eat lots of food.

I decided to lie down in this picture because I kind of like sleeping.



Sy-Skylanders Card 001a-Lo

Eruptor is walking on grass. He burned some grass and he shot a fireball to the ground. Eruptor has no hands because he needs to shoot fireballs to the bad guys.

Sy-Skylanders Card 001b-Lo

This is Eruptor’s cave. It’s burned and it has fire. If you put him on the portal of power, he turns alive in the game and each Skylander says something. Eruptor says “Born to Burn!”.

Castle Crashers Picture

Castle Crasher Picture-Sy-lo

Castle Crashers
By Sylas

The Castle Crashers are fighting bad guys. The bad guys are the ones with lots of eyes. Some good guys are using their magic. Some of the magics are electric, poison, ice, and fire. The Castle Crashers win the battle.

The End

Man Upstairs, Last Page

Sylas-Man Upstairs 02-lo

Man Upstairs, Last page
By Sylas

Boom! Pop! Pop! Pop! Boom! and Bonk! Those are the words that I wrote on the page.
Thunder Ray is going upstairs. His old house needs to have more lights (pg. 01).  His new house has more lights than his old house. The “Bonk!” is a rain drop that flew onto the door and made a bonk sound.

The End


Man Upstairs

Chapter 1, Man Upstairs

Chapter 1, Man Upstairs
By Sylas

The guy’s name is Thunder Ray. He likes x-rays and he likes ray beams and the sound of lightning.



Story by Sylas
Digital Art by Ariel
Tested by Dad

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers

These are Castle Crashers I wrote them down. The grey guys are the bad guys. The Castle Crashers win the battle. Then when they beat the boss they practice. Whoever wins gets to kiss the princess. The bad guys have lots of holes in their helmets. They have spikes in their helmets. The Castle Crashers have plus symbol on them just like Plus Super Heroes. Castle Crashers made me make up the Plus Super Heroes. The Plus Super Heroes are humans. You can’t know just because they are not in their secret identity.


Robot Tic-Tac-Toe

Sylas robot

This is a picture of robot tic-tac-toe. The robot tic-tac-toe’s home has a robot tic-tac-toe garden.  At the bad guy’s place they fight.  There’s a sun throwing machine that the robots made.

Fallen Leaves Rubbing

Sy-Leaf Rubbings

This is a picture I made at school.  It is a leaf rubbed that some people got it.  Then one time I put the leaf under some paper and then we got a crayon and rubbed it and made the picture.